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Ben 10 Critical Impact Game

Game Intro: Deep space meteor shower is on a collision course with the Earth. You must destroy all meteors before they hit the ground using Heatblast. Also, obstacles can be avoided by Ghoastfreak's powers. Gain extra points by creating chain reactions.

How to play: Arrows to move, Z to transform to Heatblast, X to Ghostfreak. Space to fire.

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Ben 10 Critical Impact - A Game For Kids

Ben 10 Critical Impact is one of the most entertaining Ben 10 games for kids and teenagers. The graphics of the game are well designed and the actions are very easy to perform. Ben 10 critical impact is a game about meteors, which are threatening earth and trying to hit the ground of the earth. The character playing it should be able to defend earth from getting destroyed by this meteor shower by hitting these meteors with fire balls. It has an option of switching the character between a Ghost freak and heat blast. The heat blast is used to release fire balls to destroy meteors. The ghost freak is used to phase through the barriers which appear at certain points in the game.

You can also find some health portions which appear in the game occasionally. These health portions are to be collected to refill your health. There is a fire meter and health meter, which shows the amount of fire available with you and your health respectively.

Apart from arrow keys for the movement, you just need to remember only three other keys, which helps you to transform into heat blast, ghost freak and release fire. The game is very simple with simple instructions and simple mode of playing. It suits for kids and teenagers. It is very entertaining and you can get involved in the game so easily.


•    The game has good graphics.
•    It is easy to play and requires only few keys for playing the game.
•    Kids can learn the game quickly and it doesn’t need parental control.


•    The distance between the character and the meteor arriving region is less. It becomes difficult to destroy the meteors while switching from ghost freak to heat blast when crossing a barrier because of this less space.
•    It doesn’t suit the teenagers above 13 years of age because it is very simple. 

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