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Play Free Ben 10 Games Online

Take your pick from the vast collection of Ben 10 Games on our fun portal!

Ben 10 Critical Impact

Deep space meteor shower is on a collision course with the Earth. You must destroy all meteors before they hit the ground using Heatblast. Also, obstacles can be avoided by Ghoastfreak's powers. Gain extra points by creating chain reactions...

Played: 10837 times Click here to play!

Ben10 Dressup

Ben 10 Dressup is a dress-up game wherein you have Ben as the doll or model which you can suit with different sets of clothes or you can unleash your inner dressing up genius and combine varied t-shirts, pants, shoes and hair...

Played: 3792 times Click here to play!

Ben 10 Battle Ready

Ben 10 needs your help to master all 10 of Ben's alien forms to be able to defeat Vilgax's ultimate robot. Ben 10 must practice his skills, or suffer defeat. Collecting green energy tokens for energy and sumo slammer cards to complete missions...

Played: 5545 times Click here to play!

Ben 10 Time Attack

Ben Tennyson, it is up to you to rescue your friend Gwen from the evil alien Vilgax. Guide Ben through forty levels filled with hazards that will do their best to stop you from rescuing Gwen...

Played: 3970 times Click here to play!

Ben 10 Spores Attack

You take control over Ben10 and his cousin and must destroy the spores before they could destroy you and take over the whole earth. The game's language is set in Spanish so if you had taken Spanish classes before, it is your lucky day!..

Played: 3153 times Click here to play!

Ben 10 Savage Pursuit

Ben 10 is on another critical mission - savage pursuit. You must fight your way through dangerous worlds full of traps, vulcanoes, unstable materials and gaps, not to mention various enemies guarding their territory. But you can and must take alien f..

Played: 3467 times Click here to play!

Ben 10 Toxic Hazard

Dr.Russ has developed radioactive weapons that are too dangerous if in wrong hands. Help Ben 10 to stop mad doctor in his attempt to slave the World as we know it. Use Ben's space ship to destroy all enemy space vessels above the city...

Played: 2501 times Click here to play!

Ben10 Kart 3D

Ben Tennyson takes some time off busting bad aliens and joined a kart racing tournament. Avoid any obstacles that you will meet along the way such as oils slicks and use the arrow markers to boost up your speed and win the race. The game is comprised..

Played: 1275 times Click here to play!

Ben 10 Underworld

Your lady friend Gwen has been kidnapped by Kevin. He demands that you turn over Omnitrix to him in next 24 hours, or she will be dead. Can you find your way through the maze of secret underground tunnels - underworld, packed with enemies, and save G..

Played: 3690 times Click here to play!

Ben10 vs Aliens

Calling all Ben 10 fans! If you haven't got your Omnitrix, do so now or face annihilation by alien scum! Vilgax will stop at nothing this time to destroy all those who oppose his course to rule the entire universe!..

Played: 3222 times Click here to play!

Ben 10 Games

Ben 10 has been one of the best cartoons around for quite some time now. Basically, not many things can be cooler than a kid having incredible morphing superpowers which he can use for fighting evil and for.. well.. plain fun and awesomeness!

Either way, Ben 10 games are the greatest source of fun for all Ben 10 lovers out there. Learn everything there is to know about this young superhero and his abilities through playing some of these awesome games. Remember, only the best of the best games are available here. Thus, no matter which game you choose, you are bound to have a blast.

Speaking of the games, you can choose from any possible Ben 10 game out there. Well, except for the boring ones, since you won’t find those here! Rather, if you are a type of a player who is more into the realistic storyline of this incredible animated series, you can lead Ben 10 through many villain-crushing adventures, transforming yourself into many amazing creatures which possess enormous power, lending it to the capable hands of the coolest boy on the face of the Earth, and the universe, for that matter.

Thus, choose the Ben ten game you like and bring on the fun, the excitement and all other positive things.

On the other hand, if your vision of Ben 10 fun does not find realistic storyline important, there are plenty of games which will quench your gaming thirst. From Ben 10 racing, to puzzle games featuring the whole world of Ben 10, take your pick.

There are simple games which will be played easily. However, there are some games which will be more than demanding. Yet, the more demanding a game is, the more addictive it gets. Thus, indulge into the world of entertainment, step into Ben 10’s shoes, start playing now!

Finally, if you are looking for graphics which are fancy and contemporary, there are games for you too. On the other hand, if you are more into old school 2D graphics, there are many things to your liking present here as well.

Many games have the Ben 10 official soundtrack playing during the gaming experience. This way, you can enjoy your favorite songs while you are playing the best possible Ben 10 games ever! Nothing beats that, except Ben 10, of course.

All in all, Ben 10 fans, this is your haven, choose the game you prefer, try them all out for size, and have the time of your life, reaching the hi-scores and completing all of the adventures.

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