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Generator Rex Abysus Arena Game

Game Intro: Hold of the powerful waves of EVO attackers until the Agent Six brings more Providence soldiers to finish up Van Kleiss' Abysus lair. You must fight with all Rexes enemies until providence help gets in Abysus Arena.

How to play: Arrows to move around, SPACE to change weapons, Z to perform quick attack, X to do heavy attack, C for super attack.

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Generator Rex: Abysus Arena

Tired of paying for online and not worthy games? With Rex games you will not make a mistake, so why not give Generator Rex: Abysus Arena a try? It is free and is sure to make you play for hours. Generator Rex Abysus Arena offers you a quite unique gameplay. The game is simple enough to be able to learn the controls upon sitting in front of your computer screen. The game has an interesting story line combined with a magnificent animation. Generator Rex Abysus Arena is in three dimensions (3D) meaning that the character that you control moves not only to the left and to the right but also moves further from your view as you press the up button and moves nearer to your view as you press the down button. A double tap of the button would make Rex jump up into the air and a pair of engine-like structure would carry him through the air to the direction that you have pressed.

As you start the game, you will play as Rex, your goal is to defeat Van Kleiss, Biowulf and to hold off wave after wave of enemies until reinforcements will arrive and finish the job. You have a life bar which is depleted as enemies damage you. The arena has imaginary bounaries which would keep you playing without making Rex fall from the ledge. Rex has nanite weapons which will help you venture through the terrors that tries to kill you, these weapons can be selected by pressing the 'Space' button. Each weapon is unique and powerful if used properly. The weapons are 'Smackhands' which resemble huge metal gloves and it has a wicked special attack that would make your adrenaline level high, 'Slam Cannon' which by its name is a cannon, and 'BFS' a sword. The game is played through waves of enemies, ones resembling plants. You have three buttons for offense. namely, the 'Z' button which would hit your enemy with a normal attack, the 'X' button which would hit you opponent with a heavier attack, and then there is the 'C' button which would unleash a devastating "special attack" to your enemies, but before you can use this special attack, you must kill enemies to fill up the super meter and as you kill enemies, you will gain experience to level up. Level ups mean new combo attacks you can use to defeat your enemies. The combo attacks are used mostly with a weapon. Generator Rex Abysus Arena made the combo attacks easy to do unlike other games which requires really really good finger speed. There are also certain levels wherein you would have to face a mini-boss or a boss which is very different from the waves you frequently face. The game was made considering the user's gaming level thus the game is not too difficult to frustrate the users but also not too easy to lose the users' interest.

The game does not have annoying music or irritating features which makes it desireable to spend your time on. The character hits his enemies but no blood and gore is present so its safe to be played by younger users.