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Generator Rex Nanite Master Game

Game Intro: Let the battle begin. You are Generator Rex fighting against fierce archenemy Biowulf in death arena. You can change his weapons like slam cannon, smackhands and boogie pack by running through them. Take all health packs and bonus points you can, because each level is harder that the one before.

How to play: Use arrow keys to move, and space to attack.

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Generator Rex Nanite Master Flash Game

Generator Rex is a popular cartoon on the Cartoon Network. The basic story is that an explosion has caused mutations all over the planet. Most mutations are bad as the person goes crazy and behaves destructively, but the main character Rex is actually able to control his mutations. Rex is able to use these nanite mutations to create biomechanical mutations on his body. In short, he can create all kinds of cool weapons and things out of his body. This, of course, is a perfect ability that will be great in a video game. How does this work out in Generator Rex Nanite Master? Let's look at that a little more now.

In the Generator Rex Nanite Master flash game, one of the most popular Generator Rex games found online, you play the main character Rex and get to take advantage of his cool abilities. The game itself if a fighting game of the kind that most gamers should be familiar with. But, there is a few twists based on Rex's ability to mutate his body. First, you start the level with no weapon. You have to avoid your opponent long enough to get the plans to actually mutate your weapon. This adds an interesting twist, as the plans are not always just sitting there for you to grab. Sometimes you have to get some barrels destroyed to find the plans, then you can start to battle back.

Speaking of Rex's mutation abilities, just what does the game offer? Well, there are 3 main abilities that you can mutate. The first one you encounter is a large cannon called the Slam Cannon. This ability creates a very large gun that fires a massive projectile that slams into your enemy and staggers him. If you are skilled enough, you can pull off some combos for bonus points that can give you a better score at the end of the round.

The second weapon that you encounter is a really cool melee weapon. More accurately, it is called the Smackhands. This is a rather appropriate name, as you really do get to lay the smack down on your opponent. The Smackhads allows you to create a massive fist weapon that you can then slam into the ground. It does not need to exactly hit the opponent as it has a small area of effect. It also does massive damage. It does way more damage per hit than the Slam Cannon. This allows you to dispatch foes much quicker with the Smackhands than with the Slam Cannon. Of course, the draw back is that you have to be much closer to your opponent to use the Smackhands.

There are also health drops that you can find as the area is destroyed while you battle. This is a nice opportunity to top off your health from the damage you will almost certainly end up taking.

The game itself is very professionally done. The art looks appropriate enough for a cartoon, and it is all very well animated. For a flash game that is free, Generator Rex Nanite Master is definitely worth a look.

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