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Hulk Games

Hulk Central Smashdown

Robots are invading and Hulk must smash them with using gravity and strength to jump. Avoid being touched to your enemies, or you'll lose energy. Keep an eye on map to see from which direction robots are coming...

Played: 10298 times Click here to play!

Hulk Car Demolition

Those poor cars don't stand a chance against Hulk's pure strength and bad temper. Make sure Hulk smashes as much cars as possible using various arsenal of kicks, punches and throws like Hammer fist or Flying fist. Clear up level by destroying all car..

Played: 2317 times Click here to play!

Hulk Bad Altitude

Help Hulk make maximum amount of damage by destroying drones buzzing over his head. You must make combo destroys for the maximum score gain. Use mouse to navigate Hulk's trajectory while in air...

Played: 2229 times Click here to play!

Revenge of the Hulk

Hulk is once more ready to go back on the streets and revenge. Help him out by smashing just about everything. Try not to swing and miss. Avoid hitting ambulance cars, so he doesn't go back into human. Collect Armor Oils, Lucky Medallions, and Streng..

Played: 2064 times Click here to play!

Hulk Power

Take a series of test where you must sync your power chop with strength-o-meter. The meter will change Hulk\'s strength, so the key is to hit and break the beams at the right time - with maximum power. Easier said than done, or is it?..

Played: 2644 times Click here to play!

Hulk Smash Up

Hulk is on rampage like no one witnessed before. You must destroy city blocks, building by building vehicle by vehicle. Remember to hurry up smashing this before time runs out and Hulk transforms back to his alter ego - Dr. Bruce Banner...

Played: 2254 times Click here to play!

Hulk Games

Hulk has always been an amazing character and has not stopped being such even nowadays. Since the age of comic books, this green hero has always been misunderstood and pushed around, as if he way a guinea pig, a mere test subject.

However, once the test subject turned against all those who were pushing them, the world realized who Hulk actually is – a gigantic green killing machine which is not to be teased or taunted.

Hulk games bring you the best of all Hulk's experiences. Take your pick from numerous games available and choose those which fit your destructive character best.

The Games

Some of us are destructive by nature and desire to smash things up. Well, things and people, for that matter. Luckily, there are more than a few games which can quench our thirst. Choose games which enable you to shatter towns in pieces, destroying buildings, breaking everything in your step, and killing all who desire to kill you.

Those who desire to play some scenery from the hulk movies or cartoons, welcome, you have visited the right site. Choose and play the most realistic games which enable you to live the story lines from Hulk's life in real time, enjoying every second of the adventure.

Finally, for those who are more into puzzles and mystery, there are games which are made for them as well, available for playing whenever you want, however long you want. All you have to do is pick. Well, actually, you do not even have to do that, you can simply play them all and choose your favorites later!

The Quality

These Hulk Games are the top, considering quality. All the games are carefully picked through long-term gaming experience of people who love Hulk as much as you do. Moreover, all of the games look absolutely stunning, both in 2D and 3D. Seriously, there is not a single thing bad for you to choose from. Actually, maybe there is – there are tons and tons of bad guys waiting for you to crush them.

So, wait no longer, join the quest for justice and dominance, show that you are the green hero and not the green monster. Crush your opponents and save those who need to be saved from their cruel grasp! If they do not understand, explain by doing things which Hulk does best, destroying buildings and crushing everything in way! Enjoy Hulk Games!

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