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Iron Man Makluan Ring Rampage

Navigate Iron Man through mid-air gates, collect rings, boosts, health packs, shields and extra lives. At each level, you must achieve stated goals, or you will not advance to more challenging ones. Use boost at the right times...

Played: 3474 times Click here to play!

Iron Man Flight Test

Iron Man is in real dogfight - you must help him destroy each and every flying object. The game is very hard, so you must practice your skills a bit to be any good. Don\'t forget to collect armor and unibeam power ups, otherwise you will not survive ..

Played: 2772 times Click here to play!

Iron Man Air Combat

Iron Man is back in air on a mission to save Pepper. Help Iron Man break through dense enemy lines with skillful flying and precise shooting. Beware, the enemy is in air and on the ground too, so you must be very careful...

Played: 2676 times Click here to play!

Iron Man 2

Iron Man is on a critical mission and needs your help to destroy all enemies - floating mines, presses and eventually War Machines. Collect 5 I icons to charge up Iron Man's special weapon which will destroy almost everything in sight...

Played: 2831 times Click here to play!

Iron Man Armory Assault

Armory Assault is a fun shooting game where your goal is to shoot down as much red targets as you can in order to advance to the harder levels - the time progressively drops as you advance to new levels. Avoid shooting blue targets...

Played: 2435 times Click here to play!


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